Our planes fly really really well

We have so many paper planes round the house its insane. This is a project Finley and I have been working on for some time . These are engineered paper planes that we can print cool designs on. Great as party treats and equally great as advertising units.
Our planes fly really really well. There is still some skill in adjusting the flight variables and this is definitely fun for both kids and big kids (Otherwise known as adults).
We have carefully selected the paper we use for its earodynamic qualities, its creasing qualities as well as making sure its hard wearing to make sure our planes are long lasting, robust and the carbon miles put into creating the paper are well spent.
There is something wonderful about this product. It gets people off the devices . I love the reaction I get from adults when they pick up a plane and take it for a test flight. It seems to bring out the child in everyone.
Great fun, great adverting and great for a party. – We’re pretty confident this idea will take off.
We have quite a few designs available. Our initial designs are based off crop circles.

For the birthday planes and business planes please fill out the required art areas and upload the files you would like to use