Business planes

Over the holidays , Business cards stay in the desk. …Business planes get used constantly.

  • Its great advertising for your company over the break. Business cards and flyers are left at the office or go in the bin. Business planes are great fun for the kids and adults (And Nanas) and will get noticed a lot more than traditional advertising.
  • Gets kids and adults off the devices and playing
  • No batteries included …No batteries needed
  • Business planes are made of special paper that lasts for many uses
  • They fly really well. These are engineered planes.
  • As a toy they are very affordable and fairly environmentally friendly.. a lot more than a throw away plastic toy.
  • Makes adults temporarily act like children.

The cost is $15 setup and $3 per plane. minimum 10 planes.
Please email for larger orders and discounts. Or if you require premium design work and color choice.

  • Please supply all the details and where you would prefer to have them . Top of wing, bottom wing or side area