Party Planes

Great for birthdays, weddings and celebrations.

Personalised Party planes.
Below is a form to upload a single image and details you want on the planes.
There are three main places to put text and images . Let us know your preference or just mail us the details/files and we will do it all for you. We are pretty good at layouts.

  • fun for the kids and adults (And Nanas)
  • Gets kids and adults off the devices and playing
  • No batteries included …No batteries needed
  • Party planes are made of special paper that lasts for many uses.
  • They fly really well. These are engineered that way.
  • As a toy they are very affordable and fairly environmentally friendly… a lot more than a throw away plastic toys.
  • Makes children act like children.

The cost is $15 setup and $3 per plane. minimum 10 planes.
Please email for larger orders and discounts. Or if you require premium design work and color choice.

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